Cityrail Challenge

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Personal

A few weeks ago I attempted the Cityrail Challenge – to go to every station on the suburban Cityrail network within 24 hours using only trains. This meant being on a train that actually stopped at these stations. I used the network bound by Waterfall, Macarthur, Emu Plains and Berowra, which meant 176 stations all up.

A video montage of photos taken at every station is included below.

For the individual photos, go to Picasa.

Some things I learned from that day:

  • While most of the Cityrail network is dual track  and some quad track, the Carlingford Line and the Richmond Line past Quakers Hill are still single track. For Carlingford this means hourly services. In Richmond’s case, it is able to provide half hourly services by having 2 platforms at certain stations and making trains wait until they are both at the same station before continuing, thus allowing them to leap frog each other in opposite directions.
  • There are a number of level crossings, most of them on the Richmond line.
  • You can still find some of the old wooden block timetables at some stations. Quite a few are on the Carlingford Line.
  • Guards don’t like it when you jump off at each station to have your photo taken and then jump straight back on, particularly when there are no other passangers getting on or off. I learned this the hard way, and that’s why most photos taken after the Bankstown Line are with me inside the carriage, rather than on the platform.
  • Lidcombe  and Wolli Creek are the only stations where you can catch trains that go either North, South, East or West. Once the Southwest Rail Link opens, Glenfield will be added to this list.
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