Second train station tipped for Norwest Business Park

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Transport
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A recent Sydney Morning Herald article reports that plans have been made to add a second Norwest Business Park station to the Northwest Rail Link (NWRL). The new station would replace the previously planned Kellyville Station. Two stations initially proposed as potential stations (Samantha Riley Drive and Cudgegong Road) look like they will be built simultaneously with the NWRL. This brings the total number of stations on the new line up from 6 to 8 and will be the biggest new line in the Cityrail network since the East Hills Line was constructed in 1931.

NWRL route

The station at Kellyville is to be moved South to be on the Western half of Norwest Business Park, increasing the number of stations in the business park to 2. (Source: ABC News)

Hills Shire mayor, Mike Thomas, showed concerns about the removal of the Kellyville station, but supports the change as the abandoned station location will now be flanked by stations 1km to the North (Samantha Riley Drive) and 2km to the South (the new Norwest station).

Two stations at Norwest makes sense. Macquarie Park, which has a roughly similar geographic size, has 3 stations, yet Norwest previously had only 1 station planned. That station covered the Eastern portion of the business park, with most of it located within an 800m radius of the station (roughly a 10 minute walk), but left the Western portion of the business park at a 1km-2km distance. A whopping 95% of workers in Norwest got to work by car in 2006, so the NWRL has great potential to get significant numbers of cars off the road, easing congestion in the area.

The alignment looks to remain unchanged.

  1. Tim says:

    Macquarie is a bit different – one of those stations services Macquarie University and Macquarie Centre – even if it’s the same geographical size, there is a much higher volume of potential traffic. I agree that Norwest can use 2 stations, though.

    What are your thoughts about PPP funding of transport infrastructure?

    (Btw, I like the blog idea – here’s hoping you can keep it up!)

  2. The geographic size for Norwest was more in relation to how long it would take to walk from the station to a place in the business park. You’re right about the number of people traveling being less, and 3 stations would be overkill. But I think 2 is about right.

    As for PPP’s, if I had to summarize it quickly then I think they generally work pretty well for roads but not so much for rail. I’m guessing it’s to do with the fact that trains are more of a network that must be used together whereas road usage can be isolated more easily. It’s a complex issue and I’m simplifying my response in the hope for brevity.

    Thanks for the good wishes! I’ve written down a list of ideas for things to write about and I should be able to last for 6 months with one post every 3 days. Hopefully I don’t get bored, eh?

  3. […] (the government is aiming to start on this by the end of 2015), with the final alignment and even the number/location of stations not yet finalised. Geotechnical work like this was done for the Parramatta to Epping Rail Line, Bondi Beach […]

  4. Its really good news for Norwest Business Park

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