Sydney’s electronic ticketing system to be named Opal

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Transport

The successor to the aborted T-Card now has a name: Opal. The NSW government selected the name Opal from a list of 665 suggested names following survey results from focus groups. Rejected names included Dingo Force, Dog and Bone, Tap & Go, No Shoes, On Ya, Why Wouldn’t You, XXXXX, Legend and Smoko.

It was pointed out in the comments section of the T-Card post (link in the previous paragraph) that the PeaRL consortium responsible for the now named Opal was the one behind London’s Oyster Card. A pearl is of course a product of an oyster, and there was some speculation that this new electronic ticketing system would be named the Pearl. And while Pearl was one of the suggestions, Opal won out in the end.

Opal seems to fit in nicely, being the state gemstone, thus following the pattern set by the Waratah trains, which are named after the state flower. Much nicer, however, would be if they got a move on and actually got the new system implented, as it is scheduled to begin next year on the ferries. As I’ve mentioned before, actually scoring runs on the board by achieving things rather than just announcing plans for them seems to be a massive challenge in NSW.


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