Are you likely to be jabbed by a syringe on the train?

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Transport

A Channel Seven report shows that there have been 55 incidents of people being jabbed by syringes left on Cityrail trains and stations over the last 3 years. Sounds like a big deal, until you put this into context.

There are about 300 million trips made on the Cityrail network each year. So over 3 years, that’s almost a billion trips, of which 55 have resulted in someone getting jabbed by a syringe. That means we’re talking one in twenty million. So let’s put that into context by listing things which are more likely to happen, based on 20 million to 1 odds.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a serious issue that could lead to some terrible diseases being spread. But the chances of it are so unlikely that it’s almost not worth worrying about.

  1. […] This is trying to have it both ways – either emergency call points improve safety and should be rolled out, or they do not prevent incidents from occurring. Ignoring that fact, the “189 incidents” figure is more sensationalism than a serious issue, and something the media is known to do. […]

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