The high cost of on-street parking

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Transport
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A series called Moving Beyond the Automobile has done a piece on car parking in New York called parking reform. It outlines how cheap (often free) and plentiful on street parking in effect provides a subsidy to car drivers and questions whether there is a better use for the public space currently given away to cars for free. (Props to Reinventing Parking for posting it.)

Ideally, parking would happen off street in parking garages that charge a market rate, with some limited short term on-street parking for car drivers who need to make quick trips. Otherwise, it is normally ridiculious to use such a limited resource (street space) for the indefinite storage of automobiles.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would note the effects of:
    a) Keeping those drivers off public transport (particularly where infrastructure doesn’t support it)
    b) Keeping even MORE drivers off public transport because they think there *might* be a parking space available [ignore the environmental costs of running extra cars in and then having them move out of Manhattan again once they realise no parking space exists]
    c) Creating incentive for more streets – without the cars, arguably a number of the streets could just be outright eliminated, what with the price of real estate in New York. This may or may not be a good thing (fewer outdoor shopping areas, and outdoor areas in general, for instance)

  2. Snippers says:

    I know New York but from a Sydney perspective I feel like local councils get this fairly well and there’s not much on-street parking to be had. The inner-city is relatively easy – use clearways or simply have streets with no parking.

    More tricky is slightly out of the CBD where people want to drive to the train station and park, clogging up the streets and conflicting with residential parking demands BUT getting people on public transport into the city (which is presumably good).

  3. This video says exactly what we are talking about – the problem with parking is not that there is not enough. The problem is that there is TOO much, badly used, poorly designed and subsidised! So much so, that parking has become the great white elephant in the room about which many citizens grumble but cannot see an alternative way around. Very interesting.

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