Media fooled by UNSW monorail hoax

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Transport
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It didn’t take long after the NSW government declared the end of the line for Sydney’s iconic monorail for other interested parties to put their hands up. Both Hobart and Canberra have shown interest in taking Sydney’s monorail. Last week the University of NSW threw its hat into the ring, with the announcement that the Student Representative Council was offering $1.2m to buy the monorail in order to help students get around the hilly campus.

The story was picked up by MX, ABC News Radio, and 2UE. The only problem was, the whole thing was a big hoax, all part of UNSW’s annual Foundation Day prank.

MX went so far as to quote the transport minister:

Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian said she welcomed any interest in the purchase of the monorail.

“Transport for NSW intends to issue an Expression of Interest in the coming months to gague interest in the coming months to gague interest from other parties regarding possible future users of the monorail infrastructure and rolling stock.” she said. – MX (25 July, 2012)

The next week, on  Monday 30 July, David Oldfield on 2UE even devoted a 25 minute portion of his radio show to the issue. He took it quite seriously, and didn’t notice that the first two callers he spoke to were having him on.

  1. Samantha Lin says:

    Thanks for that post, Bambul! I was trying to figure out what why UNSWers kept mentioning the monorail, so thank you for elucidating me while I’m away in the UK!

  2. Eka Budhiman says:

    Very very cool hoax….even fooling the media and tv host?…. Good one….

  3. Zoidberg says:

    Your memes are bad, and you should feel bad

  4. Mark says:

    No need for an unsw monorail – just get the Lost On Campus app for unsw. Built by UNSW students and makes navigating unsw a joy. No need to be lost on campus ever again!

  5. Troy says:

    FUCK YOU, you just spoiled the Dark Knight Rises for me!

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