Public transport’s image problem

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Transport
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Public transport has an image problem. This is the case where ever you go. One of the most bizarre things is when you travel to another city where you find the transport system to be vastly superior to your own city’s , and yet the locals still complain that it is not good enough. And boy do people like complaining about it. Below are all the tweets that used the hastag #Cityfail in the last 6 hours (at the time of writing this post):

While I don’t think Sydney’s public transport system is fantastic, constant negativity does make it seem worse than it really is. Which is why I was so impressed by this Danish ad for a local bus transport agency which has been doing the rounds on the internet. It makes public transport something to be desired, rather than something to be scoffed at. (This version has been dubbed into English. Click here for the original Danish version with subtitles.)


Some searching on YouTube resulted in the discovery of these gems. They are videos of bus drivers with what could only be described as massive balls. Number 4 remains my favorite, but all of them are entertaining. Enjoy!







And if the song in those clips is alien to you, then I recommend watching the original: “Like a boss” by The Lonely Island in its entirety. It’s included below for your convenience.

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  2. […] I’ve described earlier, humour is one of the best ways of getting through to users of public transport, who generally tend […]

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