Trial of station marshals at Town Hall Station

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Transport
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The State government recently announced a 4 week trial of marshals on Town Hall’s platform 3 (which handles all Northbound trains that cross the Harbour Bridge), treating each morning peak “as a major event”. The aim is maintain dwell times to a minimum by preventing passengers from boarding the train either while others are still disembarking or if the train is about to leave. The Herald reports that some commuters were annoyed to be prevented from boarding the train as it was about to leave, resulting in a wait of up to 15 minutes for the next train. Otherwise, the new system does appear to be an improvement (albeit a labour intensive and band aid solution), which the maximum capacity of 20 trains per hour to move through Town Hall’s platform 3.

The Marshal’s can be seen in action in the video below taken by byupyu on the first day of the trial (Monday 19 November). For additional details, it’s worth reading the additional notes below the video on YouTube itself.

  1. David Caldwell says:

    It’s a novel move, to be sure. But I think it could be more than a band aid solution if it could start driving social change. There is a very noticeable casualness/ disregard for prompt boarding + alighting in Sydney compared to other major world cities I’ve spent time in.
    The two door double deck thing is obviously a major prob, but this experiment, if nothing else, should reveal whether anything can practically be done to increase train frequency

  2. Simon says:

    Notice in the video that the s are blowing the whistle while people are still trying to get off. Cityrail encourage this poor customer behaviour and are a large part of the problem themselves.

  3. […] Sydney, the marshal’s trialled at Town Hall appear to mimic this sort of idea. While the North West Rail Link could initially see […]

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