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Posted: September 17, 2013 in Transport
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The government announced today the final version of the October 2013 timetable. Much has been written on this topic in this blog so far this year, so links to that have been included below rather than just repeating it all over again.

Draft 2013 timetable (part 1): Introduction

Draft 2013 timetable (part 2): AM Peak

Draft 2013 timetable (part 3): Off Peak

Draft 2013 timetable (part 4): PM Peak

What the 2013 timetable might look like

2013 timetable re-write (part 1): The context

2013 timetable re-write (part 2): The problems

2013 timetable re-write (part 3): Untangling the network

When the October 2013 timetable comes online, a significant portion of the inner Sydney rail network will have 10 minute frequencies all day during the week. Click to enlarge. (Source: Cityrail, modified by author)

When the October 2013 timetable comes online, a significant portion of the inner Sydney rail network will have 10 minute frequencies all day during the week. Click to enlarge. (Source: Cityrail, modified by author)

One of the less publicised improvements is the extension of the 10 minute frequency network. Currently, trains on the Eastern Suburbs Line between Bondi Junction and Sydenham run every 10 minutes between 5AM and 9PM on weekdays. This will now be extended through to midnight. Meanwhile, trains on the North Shore Line between Central and Chatswood will run every 9 minutes (Southbound trains) and 11 minutes (Northbound trains) between 5AM and 9PM, while trains on the Airport Line between the City Circle and Wolli Creek will also run every 9 minutes between 6AM and 10PM.

  1. mich says:

    One of the curious features of this schedule, is that the Northshore and western lines have been decoupled. And the two parts of the northern line, also.

    Trains from Penrith will no longer run to Hornsby or Berowra, they will go to Hornsby via Macquarie Park.

    Trains from the north shore line won’t go to Penrith, they will still go to Richmond and also to Epping via Strathfield, which they haven’t done for a long time.

    And trains from Epping via Strathfield won’t go back to Epping via Macquarie Park, they will go to Hornsby via Gordon.

    People travelling from the north shore to the western suburbs, and vice versa, will have to pay a lot more attention when getting on a train.

  2. mich says:

    So anyone who looks at the map and then tries to catch a train at Denistone to go to North Ryde ( the long way round ), is going to be misled.

  3. MrV says:

    Am I correct in thinking this is just about the last revision before it is time to put a second harbour crossing on the agenda?

    And looking at this map, would it make sense to stick the airport line into a new tunnel through the city/harbour then link into existing tunnel and Chatswood-Epping line.

    I know not everyone is keen on the idea of running ‘metro’ style trains, but might it work on this section given that airport commuters generally need floorspace for suitcases, and the burgeoning apartment construction at Green Square/Mascot/Wolli Creek would provide suitable high density population in the south combined with those in the north who would commute from Epping to the city, not to mention new underground stations on the North Shore, lets say Lane Cove and Crows Nest (for arguments sake).

    This would allow the single deck trains that looks to be the go for the NWRL to run through the city to airport and then south

  4. mich says:

    A “second harbour crossing” is always on the agenda. It is currently the long-term plan to link the Chatswood-castle line to the cbd-hurstville line by a new tunnel – in about 2040.

    I think the timetable will be updated again before 2040 …. although really, there is not much they can really do with it.

  5. mich says:

    The people who complain about “provision for luggage” in trains, often seem to be people who have never actually caught one. What do you think the large “end saloons” in our double deck trains are for ? Prams and luggage. It’s not as if overseas trains, even special “airport” trains, are any better or different.

    Some of them have racks you can lift the cases onto, useful I guess if you are paranoid about spit on the floor.

    All the metro plans seem to want to convert the line from Central to Hurstville, and the Bankstown line, to single-deck trains, and not the airport line. I suppose you could demolish and rebuild Wolli Creek, so the metro line goes via the airport to Hurstville, but it would be difficult, and also difficult to link to the Bankstown line from there.

  6. JC says:

    Mr V. Good suggestion. You are getting my trainset mind going. How about new tunnel from Green Park to Taylor Square; then through the old unused St James tunnels to Barangaroo and then via North Sydney and into the planned North Sydney-NWRL link – maximising the amount of high density residential/emplyment it passes through before disappearing off into the suburban wastelands west of Epping?

  7. Frosty says:

    The Airport Line having a train every ten minuets is unnecessary go to the Airport Line stations in the off peak is virtually deserted at the moment.All Limited Stops trains should skip it in the Off-Peak.It make the commute for quicker for people heading towards Campbelltown

  8. mich says:

    People need a reliable and frequent service to the airport, because the consequences of being late can mean missing their flight.

    In checking the schedule for the Bankstown line, I am amused to see their are still three trains a day running from the Inner west line to Liverpool via Regents Park. Is this just to keep the rust of the tracks ? Who will use them ? At least the afternoon one, is potentially useful to travelling schoolchildren.

  9. MrV says:

    mich – I think there will be a capacity issues before 2040, especially if we get a modest fuel price squeeze before then.
    Also re the luggage. Of course the ends of cars are for this, but with only 2 doors/car, the congestion caused by having lots of luggage in these areas further impedes the loading especially if the train is full with regular commuters as well.

    JC – Yes that could save some money by maximising the capacity of St James and would provide good interchange.

    Frosty – yes the airport line stations can seem deserted at the moment in off-peak, however with non-stop apartment building in the area it won’t be long before this changes. Also trains are quite full in the peak even before projects like Green Square town centre even get started. I guess this is why new timetable has added services. But I still think if you are going to go with ‘metro style’ then the airport line would be the better bet. Could the Cambelltown services then go back to using the via Sydenham alignment and thus be a bit more ‘express’?

  10. Frosty says:

    In Mascot there is building of Apartments but near Green Square station the construction of apartments and a town center hasn’t started.Metro is better for the area you could run 30 trains an hour during the peak.Sydenham alignment is shorter but not necessarily faster.

  11. mich says:

    None of the appartments near the airport are within walking distance of the airport stations

  12. Andrew J says:

    So, at this point, are there any obvious major differences from the Public Timetables and the Draft SWTT leaked by the SMH?

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