All Day Challenge (October 2013)

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Personal
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Sydney Trains network map. Click to enlarge. (Source: Kypros 1992)

Sydney Trains network map. Click to enlarge. (Source: Kypros 1992)

This Thursday, the writer of Transport Sydney will be joining a few other brave souls in attempting the All Day Challenge (previously known as the Cityrail Challenge) and try to travel to all 176 train stations in the Sydney Trains network in a single day. This is one of the final opportunities to do so under the current timetable before the new timetable comes into effect on 20 October. Under the new timetable, Inner West Line trains will no longer operate past Homebush, but the Cumberland Line will operate all day rather than just during peak hour.

Facebook group has been setup and rules posted. In brief, the rules are:

  • Participants must begin and end at Central Station.
  • All 176 stations in the Sydney Trains network must be passed at least once on a train that stops at that station
  • Travel must be by train only. Leaving a station is allowed for breaks, but travel must recommence from that station
  • Points are awarded for being first to stop at a station, travelling on different train sets, being first back to Central, etc

Anyone wanting to keep track on the day can either follow the action on the Facebook page or on Twitter with the hash tag #AllDayChallenge.

  1. John Darcy says:

    I’m excited about this one. With (at least) three separate competitors each doing a separate route, we have a real competition going.

  2. Can I just use this opportunity to point out how flawed the new map is? The old map might have been a little cluttered, but at least you could see the individual lines and what stations were served. The new design means that tourists, especially ones that do not speak English, will not be able to navigate the system very well.

  3. Ray says:

    The new map also fails to show interchange with the NSW Trainlink network.

  4. BigE says:

    Wish we had such an event in Melbourne!

  5. mich says:

    Getting to Clyde, and Flemington , and Homebush, is really crappy now.

  6. mich says:

    I set out today (20th) to see if I could visit all stations, on a Sunday, on the new timetable.

    In 17 hours, I visited all but two stations (Tempe and Macarthur), plus one extra one. It is probably possible to visit all of them, and some prior research. I started looking closely at the timetables at 10 o’clock on Saturday night and at about 11 pm the timetable website was shut down for updates ( they got rid of the dual set of timetables ).

    I caught 38 trains and every single one of them was on time.

  7. mich says:

    “Wish we had such an event in Melbourne! ”

    I have read about people doing this before, in Melbourne. In fact, I think it was done in Melbourne before Sydney. Go right ahead.

  8. kaylim93 says:

    Oh wow, how interesting. Did the guy use all types of mymulti tickets to do this?

  9. Alan says:

    Hi, was wondering if this was likely to happen in the future (noting your comment regarding the new timetable) – I ask as a (mathematics) PhD student working on public transit problems, this would make a nice addition to a thesis…

  10. @Alan

    Check the FB page. John (the page admin) has been organising a few of these lately, to get in before the change in timetable. So I recommend getting in touch with him.

  11. Alan says:

    @ Bambul Shakibaei

    Thanks for that, have done so :)

  12. mich says:

    I got around to checking the timetables in more detail, and it is indeed quite feasible to visit all of the stations in a day. When I tried it on 20 October, I was under the impression that going to Macarthur was going to cost me a whole extra hour. This turns out to be true, only if you approach it from the north. In the end I approached it from the east, and it would have only cost me an extra 30 minutes going to Macarthur, which I could have recouped somewhere else later.

    It took more than 3 hours just to fill in the dregs of the systems at Carlingford, Berala, Olympic Park and Homebush which weren’t visited on the way to anywhere else.

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