I’m going to Perth – suggestions welcome

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Transport

VIDEO: This is Perth

I’ll be in Perth this week from Thursday to Sunday visiting family. I might get some time to check out the transport infrastructure, though it will probably be limited. I’m currently planning to take the train to Mandurah, but have nothing else planned so far. Suggestions and recommendations are welcome. Where to go, what to see, things to keep in mind, etc. But remember: my free time will be limited, and I’ll be staying in suburban Perth with family.

Gina Rinehart. Premier of Western Australia. (This caption is a poor source of satire.)

Gina Rinehart. Premier of Western Australia. (This caption is a poor attempt at satire.)

  1. Alex says:

    Yes – I’d definitely recommend a trip to Mandurah.

    It must be one of the fastest suburban rail journeys in Australia, helped by a number of factors such as the relatively flat topography and small number of stops. They could really do with one or two more stations closer to the city – rumour has it that the transport minister at the time demanded that the travel time to Mandurah should be under 50 minutes.

    One of the criticisms of the way in which the Perth rail network has been developed is that in favouring high speed services to outer suburban locations it has encouraged suburban sprawl over more compact development (though I suspect the sprawl would have happened anyway).

    Coming from Sydney however, it’s pretty impressive that you simply can’t drive out to Mandurah any faster than the train, even out of peak hour when there’s no traffic. Running fast trains in the track in the median strip of the motorway past all the cars is also a very strong demonstration of the service’s advantages.

    Bear in mind that the station at Mandurah is actually on the outskirts of town and you will need to take a short bus ride into the town centre.

    I’ve only been there a couple of times so I don’t know Perth that well, but I’d suggest a trip out to Freemantle, which you can also do by train (a more traditional suburban service). The beach and waterfront are interesting and there are plenty of restaurants – it’s a bit of a cliché, but the whole sunset over the ocean thing is worth seeing. If you don’t want to photograph that, you can always take pictures of the dozen or so people who are photographing it!

    In urban development and transport terms it’s worth checking out progress on the redevelopment of the precinct around Perth station where they are undergrounding the track to reconnect the CBD to north Perth. If you get a chance, check out the residential redevelopment around Subiaco and East Perth – some of this stuff is quite well done.

  2. QPP says:

    Might be worth checking out on the local media/blogosphere for the latest on the proposed light rail for the centre of the city and out to the north

    Concept design work is advanced, with a hot debate about which street to take it down in the CBD – City council are arguing strongly against the current state government proposals as they say Hay Street Mall is too narrow

    Have to say I agree with them – I had a look at the project as part of a recent business trip


  3. mich says:

    Arguably, having one or more “satellite towns” with a specific focus and fast centre-to-centre transport is better than an amorphous “sprawl”.

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