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Posted: July 6, 2014 in Transport
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VIDEO: Opal Man is Transport for NSW’s newest advertising campaign for the Opal card

Tuesday: Woman on train filmed being abusive and racist to other passengers

A woman on a Central Coast train was filmed abusing other passengers, including children, after asking the children to give up their seat so that she could sit down. Another passenger then offered his seat to the woman, but she did not take up the offer and instead called the police. The video, uploaded to YouTube by user Kareem Abdul, shows the woman calling the police about the incident before she begins calling other passengers “bogan” or “gook” (a derogatory term aimed at an Asian woman on the train) as well as mocking an Asian woman and asking her “what’s wrong with Hong Kong, why did you come to this country”. At the time of writing, the video has over 800,000 views.

The woman later apologised for her actions, claiming that she had a “rotten day”. It also emerged that the name “Sue Wilkins” that she gave on the phone to the police was not her actual name.  She was later arrested by police over the incident and taken to Wyong police station.

Transport for NSW issued a statement over Twitter, stating that they would work with police to keep customers safe.

Tuesday: Sydney Trains turns 1 year old

Sydney Trains had its first anniversary, following the creation of Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink on 1 July 2013 from the old Railcorp and CountryLink. Sydney Trains CEO Howard Collins spoke to radio station 2GB about his 12 months on the job in which he cited clearer train and station announcements as one of his successes. He also called for more capital investment in the rail network, and urged that it be continued investment rather than one off investments.

The news was followed with an announced $33m refresh of 28 stations across the network, on top of 19 stations already announced that are to be refreshed. This will involve a deep clean and overhaul of facilities, including upgraded toilets, new furniture, energy-efficient lighting, repainting and landscaping. The move has received criticism for including stations which have just been upgraded in recent years, such as Newtown (2013), North Sydney (2008), or Seven Hills (2008). The 28 stations include: Ashfield, Auburn, Cabramatta, Fairfield, Rockdale, Macquarie University, Bankstown, Mount Druitt, Liverpool, Edgecliff, Campsie, North Sydney, Rhodes, Chatswood, Hornsby, Epping, Eastwood, Artarmon, Westmead, Gordon, Newtown, Campbelltown, St Peters, Sutherland, Seven Hills, Sydenham, Turramurra, and Milsons Point.

Tuesday: Road tolls increase

Tolls on most Sydney freeways increased, with the biggest increase found on the M7 where the maximum toll rose 19c to $7.56. License fees for 3 and 5 year drivers licenses also increased by $4.

Wednesday: Opal Man campaign introduced as Opal rolls out to almost 1,000 buses in a month

A new advertising campaign involving “Opal Man” (see video at the top of this post) has been introduced, with 5 actual Opal Men deployed to various stations on the network to encourage individuals to get their Opal card. 360,000 Opal cards have now been issued, with over 15,000 more cards issued every week.

Opal Man is the new TV advertising campaign for the Opal Card. Click to enlarge. (Source: Transport for NSW.)

Opal Man is the new TV advertising campaign for the Opal Card. Click to enlarge. (Source: Transport for NSW.)

The rollout will see Opal readers enabled on 600 Hillbus buses on 30 June as well as a further 300 buses in South West Sydney and Hurstville on 14 July and 16 July respectively. A total of 5,000 buses across NSW will be Opal enabled by the end of the year, with light rail set to be Opal enabled in early 2015.

  1. Alexsg says:

    I think the Opal Man” campaign could have been inspired by the “Lobster Man” ads I saw 15 years ago on TV in Tonga which warned people not to take under-size lobsters.

    The difference is that despite their tiny budget, the Lobster Man ads had a certain wit and charm about them…

  2. Dullsteamer says:

    With so many people busily filming that crazy old bitch, I wonder if anyone thought to tell the guard, or station staff, what was happening? Usually they don’t, yet they expect rail employees to intervene when incidents like this occur.

    As for “Opal Man”, what an utter embarrassment. Hard to believe that someone in TfNSW signed off on this. But then again, I’ve come to the conclusion that TfNSW stands for “Tragic Farce NSW”…

  3. MrV says:

    “in which he cited clearer train and station announcements as one of his successes”

    Amusing, it only took a blind man to sue and beat them in court to get some action.

  4. Ray says:

    It will be interesting to see if the privatised North West Rail Link and its future extension across the harbour comes under Howard Collins’ watch.

    He has indicated a commendation of the double deck rolling stock (old technology according to Gladys) since he travels by train every day from the Shire to the city and this is coming from a man who ran the London Underground. Pity he couldn’t have more influence on the future direction of Sydney’s rail network. But being only a service provider (Sydney Trains) I suppose he doesn’t have a lot of say in future planning.

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