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Posted: September 25, 2014 in Transport

This photo is a selfie taken by a Macaca nigra, thus putting it into the public domain. Click to enlarge. (Source: Wikimedia Commons.)

This photo is a selfie taken by a Macaca nigra, thus putting it into the public domain. Click to enlarge. (Source: Wikimedia Commons.)

Time constraints have meant that posts on this blog have begun to become less frequent and often limited to a weekly recap. For those who can’t get enough of a fix, here are some other transport blogs (in alphabetical order):

Charting Transport: Infrequently updated with a focus on Melbourne but generally covering all Australian capital cities. This blog uses charts and maps to display data relating to transport and urban planning.

David Caldwell’s blog: Infrequently updated by David Caldwell, an engineer who has lived and worked in Sydney, London, and San Francisco. Posts tend to be very detailed and have often been about electronic ticketing and integrated fares.

Human Transit: Usually updated weekly by transport consultant Jarrett Walker. The author currently resides in Portland, Oregon but up until recently lived in Sydney. Posts cover a variety of cities across the English speaking new world countries (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and have often been about network design.

Love Your Trains: Usually updated once or twice a week. It is a relatively new blog that strives to give a positive view of the Sydney Trains network.

Sydney Ferry Blog: Usually updated weekly by ferry planning consultant Robin Sandell. It is a relatively new blog with a strong focus on ferries. Posts are quite detailed and well written.

Sydney’s Transport Sketchbook: Infrequently updated with posts that often alternate between flashbacks of past transport documents such as timetables, network maps, transport plans, etc or commentary on contemporary issues in the Sydney transport system. Posts can often be quite technical, covering aspects not covered elsewhere.

The Urbanist: Updated daily with a focus on Melbourne, but also other Australian capital cities. As the title suggests, this blog focuses more on urban planning (plus a bit of architecture), but does delve into transport issues too.

  1. Thank you so much for including my blog on your list Bambul, I really appreciate it! I’ve been coming to your blog every week for inspiration and positive news to write about so it saddens me that you might be blogging less frequently. I hope you get some time off to relax! :)

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