This week in transport (28 December 2014)

Posted: December 28, 2014 in Transport

Monday: All Stations Challenge

7 individuals, forming 5 teams, attempted the All Stations Challenge – to catch trains which stop at each of the 176 stations on the Sydney Trains network at least once in a single day. 3 teams returned to Central at the end of the night, though 1 of these failed to reach Doonside Station. The 2 teams, both individuals (one of which being the author of this blog), who completed all 176 stations did so in 17 hours 0 minutes and 17 hours 20 minutes. A live blog from that day, updated as events unfolded, can be seen here.

Sydney Trains network map. Click to enlarge. (Source: Kypros 1992)

Sydney Trains network map. Click to enlarge. (Source: Kypros 1992)

Sunday: Concession Opal rollout slowed by privacy concerns

The rollout of Concession Opal Cards, currently planned for 5 tertiary institutions in the new year, appear to have been delayed by privacy concerns. These concerns were raised by a Sydney Morning Herald article, which has now been withdrawn.

The Premier Mike Baird had previously stated that Concession Opal Cards would be available by O-Week 2015. This gives Transport for NSW until the end of February to reach a deal with other institutions, including the University of Sydney, UWS, and UTS; none of which have yet agreed to a deal with Transport for NSW to give out Concession Opal Cards to its students.

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